First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in purchasing from us that’s why we will make sure to let you know about our refund policy as mentioned below

In Fact,  we are only responsible for activating the subscription for the agreed on period.

Moreover, We will send you a screenshot taking from our panel to your email.

Certainly, this is a proof that your subscription is activated for the same period period you purchased.

By purchasing Services through this site, you are agreeing to these terms and entering into a contract with iPSmarter.

iPSmarter Does NOT offer refunds on Digital Products/Services once activated and delivered. 

If you consider your situation to be a special circumstance then please fill the refund request and we shall consider your individual request. In the event that we do issue a refund, your access to the Service(s) will be revoked.

Note: We will refund completely only purchases which have been done in less than 5 days. All other refund requests (if the purchase was made more than 7 days before the refund request) will be returned partially according to the used period of the subscription. Our support team will contact users in all refund cases.


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