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The Best IPTV Player For Smart Tv : Samsung , LG

There are Best IPTV Player for Smart TV like Smart IPTV and many others available in the market to stream IPTV channels to your TV. You can use IPTV Subscription services on some brands of Smart TVs as Samsung and LG. With this article, you can find out the best IPTV player work with your best IPTV Subscription for your Smart TV.

Smart TV platforms

Smart TVs are available for the major and most used brands, including Samsung and LG. Samsung’s Tizen platform has evolved since its launch to become one of the best of the moment. LG’s platform for Smart TVs is called webOS. Models released before 2021 have a launch bar at the bottom of the screen that allows quick access to features such as applications or web browser.

List of the best IPTV Player for Your IPTv Subscription In Smart TVs

To be able to enjoy best  IPTV services, you need to install Best IPTV player on your Smart TV. There are dozens of applications in Samsung or LG app stores and here is a list of the best ones to use:


best iptv player

IPTV Smarters pro is a great video streaming player developed especially watch live TV, movies, series and catch-up programs on their Smart TV. This application is easy to use and yet very effective with a powerful player, a nice and very impressive layout and above all user-friendly.

2nd Best IPTV Player : IBO PLAYER

best iptv player

IBO PLAYER is a full-featured media player for Smart TVs that allows you to open most of the existing video and audio formats and it is considered the interactive for DUPLEX PLAY app that no longer exists. The other advantage that IBO PLAYER offers over other IPTV apps for Smart TV is it’s design. The interface and operation make this application very adaptable and customizable to the preferences of users who can customize many of the playback and visualization options to their desires.

  • Setup method: IPTV m3u link & IPTV Xtream codes
  • Activation price: 8 EUR

3rd Best IPTV player : OTT PLAYER

Best IPTV Player 2024

OTT Player is an application for Smart TVs available on Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS that can be downloaded and installed for free from the App Stores, but a license key will be required to continue using it after the 7-day free trial.

  • Setup method: IPTV Xtream codes
  • Activation price: $9

4th Best IPTV Player :  SMART STB

best iptv PlayerSmart STB is the first application that replaced the Set Top Boxes and the most powerful one for your Smart TV. With this application, you can have IPTV services on a link called “portal” just like MAG boxes with all the features you can expect from MAG and Portal.

  • Setup method: Portal URL
  • Activation price: 14,99 EUR/year or 24,99 EUR once

5th Best IPTV Player : SMARTONE IPTV

Best Iptv Player

SmartOne IPTV is an application for Smart TVs including Samsung under Orsay and Tizen, LG under webOS and Netcast as well as all TVs under VIDAA OS like Hisense and Brandt, it’s also available on the Foxxum platform with TVs like Panasonic and Tornado. This app offers an advanced video player with quick zapping of channels and easy and convenient use. Also note that it offers 14 days free trial before activation.

  • Setup method: M3U link & IPTV Xtream code
  • codes Activation price: 2,50EUR/year or 12,99EUR once

6th Best IPTV player : SET IPTV

Best Iptv player

SET IPTV is an IPTV player available for Samsung smart TV Tizen OS and LG smart TV Web OS to operate your best IPTV Subscription . Its most important features are its powerful video encoder as well as its support both m3u link and Xtream codes.

  • Setup method: M3U link & IPTV Xtream codes
  • Activation price: 15,59 EUR once

Best IPTV Player 2024 for Android Smart TVs

If you have an Android TV, you will surely find the majority of these applications also available on Google Play but you have even more choices of stable and free applications.

The first application to use is always IPTV SMARTERS available in the store with the name “SMARTERS PLAYER Lite” as you can download its APK and install it.

Here : The Best IPTV Player for Android

Our final words

We hope this post on the best IPTV Player to Setup your best iptv subscription on Smart TVs was useful for you and if you have any other proposals you tested, you can share them in comments.

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